Pakistan Becomes No.1 ODI Team First Time Ever

Pakistan Become No.1 ODI Team First Time Ever

Pakistan has taken a decisive 4-0 lead ODI series, after a 102-run win on Friday at the National Sports ground in Karachi.

This win has also boosted Pakistan to the number one sport in the ODI team position for the first time since the position was officially standard by the ICC in January 2005.

Pakistan scored 106 and was fifth in the ODI position before the start of the series, but their dominant presentations at home have seen them jump to the third sport with a score of 113.483, reaching Australia and India.

Pakistan will want to save their winning motion by getting a clean swish with a win in the fifth. And the final ODI on Sunday, 7 May, to stay on top of the position Pakistan Becomes the No.1 ODI Team.

Pakistan Becomes the No.1 ODI Team

if they are unsuccessful in doing so. They will move back to No.3 and Australia will get back their top spot. However, Pakistan will recollect their number-one position if they win the fourth ODI. And then the fifth match is out of control or yields a result.

Let it be recognized that the top cricket body made we made history known to the ODI position system back in 2005. And since Green Shirt could not better 3rd rank until now as history was made in the captain Baber Azam.

With the up-to-date fat, Team Green is at the top of the ODI team’s plan with 113.483. Score points tracked by Jerks with 113.286 and opponent India with 112.638. The score is likely to rise further if Pakistan completes the lime against the Kiwis.

Well done in order for Pakistan as Pakistan Cricket Board, ICC. And community media users shared greetings for Team Pakistan For assembly history.

Pakistan team leader Baber Azam is a wonderful Player in the Pakistan and world.

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