Imran Khan’s party terms Pakistan Army

The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) at large a statement on Thursday saying the comments made by Inter-services Public Relationships (ISPR) about the party’s envelopment in strength during ongoing objections were not grounded on ground authenticities.

May 9 goes down as a ‘dark chapter’ in Pakistan’s history-Army

The fortified forces termed May 9, 2023 — the day clatters and complaints ensued after the PTI chief’s arrest in the Al-Qadir Trust case on National Accountability Bureau’s orders, a “black section in history”. 

The ISPR said a “carefully planned plan” was seen in which the army was targeted.

The ISPR called Imran Khan’s party terms Pakistan Army “frauds” for inciting their workers counter to the armed forces. On the one hand and other, they were praising the army — in a bid to outshine their censure.

“On the one hand, these evil elements forcefully stir up public opinions to fulfill their thin and self-seeking goals. And on the other, they do not get tired of stressing the rank of the army for the country while tossing dust in the eyes of the public.

Military’s Media

The army’s media wing added that a set of people — draping party-political dress in their lust for power — have done record damages to the country that Pakistan’s opponents since its inception have not.

The statement said that when such a state was created under wicked, a heinous bid was made to force the military to give an instant response, which could be used for wicked political purposes.

“The army’s mature reply, however, thwarted this collusion. We are well aware that behindhand it were orders, orders, and complete pre-planning by some menacing party leadership,” the statement added.

Army Said To Imran Khan

The enablers, planners, and political protestors involved in the complaints have been identified and now, strict action will be taken contrary to them “in line with the law and all these evil origins will now be responsible for the concerns”, the army said.

The ISPR added that any additional attack push Pakistan into a civil war” — on the army. Counting all law implementation agencies, military, and state setting up and properties will be met with severe retaliation.

Protests erupt

Imran Khan’s party terms Pakistan Army severe gripes from the party laborers. Who took to the streets across the country, injurious to public and private property. Amid the disorder, at least four people have lost their lives so far.

The play follows months of political disaster during which Khan. Who was overthrown in April last year, has waged a record campaign against the establishment and the government.

The ongoing protests — which have crossed the threshold on the second day — seem to have no sign of stopping. As an answerability court has sent the toppled prime minister on an eight-day physical remand.

Black Day in History

The armed forces termed 9 May 2023 — the day clashes and objections ensued, a “black chapter in history”.

Moreover, the ISPR claimed that the army was embattled as a part of a “well-thought-out plan”

ISPR called out the leaders of PTI for being “hypocrites” for inciting their workers counter to the armed forces.

Protests Effects

Severe protests have broken out across the country by the party workforce after the arrest of the PTI chief. During the clashes, public and private things have been injured and at least 8 people have lost their live.

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