8 Things I Want To See In the New IMac

Apple’s M1 chip was absolutely amazing when it was first introduced, and it still makes the 24-inch iMac a great device. Luckily, rumors suggest he’s about to get just that. Bloomberg’s Mark German says the upcoming 24-inch iMac will feature the Apple M3 chip, the company’s first chip to be manufactured using the 3-nanometer process. Simply put, this means it will be far more powerful and efficient than the 5nm M2 found in the current MacBook range.

The beauty of Apple’s silicon chips is that they can deliver phenomenal performance without the need for large fans to cool them. While it would be nice to see something even more powerful in the iMac, like the M3 Pro, that’s unlikely. These chips are reserved for pro devices (such as the resurrected iMac Pro) and not the mainstream 24-inch iMac.

More port variety

Turn the base iMac over and you’ll immediately notice something on the back: it only has two Thunderbolt 3 ports. There it is. There’s only a 3.5mm headphone jack on the side and no other data ports.
You have to pay an extra $200 for Gigabit Ethernet and two additional USB-C ports, but even these only work with USB 3.1 Gen 2 (up to 10Gbps), not 40Gbps Thunderbolt 3. According to our reviewer, the overall picture is negative.
With the Macbook Pro, Apple showed that it doesn’t mind putting common and useful ports back into its devices. It’s time to do the same with your iMac. Finally, a desktop computer is the perfect multi-port receptacle, as it can be used to connect external hard drives, cameras, docking stations, and all sorts of other devices.

Better accessories

8 Things I Want To See In the New IMac For example, the Magic Mouse requires careful consideration. Not only is its small, unobtrusive form inconvenient or even painful to use but it also can’t be charged and used at the same time (one of Apple’s biggest design flaws is that the charging port is on the bottom, meaning you don’t use it at the same time can). To stand it upside down with your legs to feed it). Sure, we love the Magic Mouse’s multi-touch gesture support, but it needs a major overhaul in nearly every other area.

There is now a variant of the Magic Keyboard with an integrated Touch ID button. The problem is that you have to pay an extra $50 for this privilege, and without this privilege, the iMac has nothing more secure than a password to protect your data. It seems wrong that Apple is charging a premium for a standard security feature on every MacBook (and replacing it with Face ID, again a standard feature, on the iPhone).

Face ID (maybe one day)

Speaking of Face ID, it’s a feature that seems tailored for the iMac. Think about it: sit at your desk and your eyes are already level with the webcam. All you have to do is place the Face ID sensor array next to your webcam and you can log in quickly, easily, and conveniently. Apple devices offer a seamless experience that just feels natural. And adding Face ID to the iMac would make that happen in a snap. It’s a heavenly connection. I know I’ve been thinking about this idea for literally years – why would Apple implement it now? Well, we can’t predict the future, but we do know that Apple has several patents pending detailing this idea. It might not make it to the 24-inch iMac in 2023, but fingers crossed.

A larger size

For many years the iMac came in two sizes, but today there is only the 24-inch version. But ever since the iMac Pro was discontinued in 2021, rumors of Apple bringing back a larger version of its all-in-one computer have never stopped. For now, tech leaders and analysts seem to be split on whether the device will be called the iMac Pro or just the larger iMac when it returns, and whether Apple will re-launch the larger iMac. It’s a bit messy. 8 Things I Want To See In the New IMac hoping that Apple actually intends to introduce a larger iMac, but that’s yet to be determined.

This offers users a wider choice of screen sizes and potentially greater productivity. There is something else. If you visit Apple’s website, you’ll see that the iMac is listed as “iMac 24” – why include the device size in the name? When that’s the only size available? Call us overly optimistic, but hopefully, that’s a sign that there’s going to be a bigger iMac in the near future.

New 24-inch iMac: Design

When Apple introduced the new iMac design in 2021, it expanded the all-in-one design with a range of two-color options. And a larger 24-inch display that’s even thinner than before at 11.5 mm (0.45 inches). While there are some features we’d like to see, like a height-adjustable bolster and a smaller chin. We don’t expect any major design changes, other than maybe new color options.

In his March 5 newsletter, German indicated that little would change outside of the iMac. He said it would have the same screen size and colors as today. For the, however, the German hinted that there would be design changes inside, with some “internal components being moved.” He also revealed that “the process of creating the iMac booth is different,” according to his own information.

New 24-inch iMac: Display

The 24-inch iMac features a 4.5K Retina display with 500-nit brightness, anti-glare, and True Tone. We’d love to see an iMac advertisement, but since it’s a more advanced feature. We’ll likely have to wait for a larger iMac or iMac Pro if that ever materializes. According to reports, there could be a new iMac with a larger screen in the future. This marks the return of the 27-inch iMac, but Omnia’s David Hsieh predicts. There could be a 30-inch iMac and even a 42-inch iMac. However, Hsieh estimates that we can wait until 2027 with this 42-inch model.

New 24-inch iMac: Processor and specs

8 Things I Want To See In the New IMac chip is expected to be a moreover powerful upgrade. Over the M2 and the new chips are said to be made using a new 3nm manufacturing process. That will improve performance and power efficiency. Generation aside, the next iMac will be a significant difference from the current model. The iMacM1 comes initially with 8GB of RAM with the option to expand to 16 GB. Apple’s M2 Macs offer an upgrade to 16GB or 24GB, 8 Things. I Want To See In the New IMac will likely support those higher storage options as well.

The iMac has a 1080p FaceTime HD camera. But Apple has since introduced a 12MPultra-wide camera with a 122-degree field of view in a plant examiner. That is likely to be the case with the new iMac with Center Stage. A point that keeps you centered as you move. Since Apple has criticized the Studio Display’s camera quality. We assume that these problems will be fixed with the M3 chip’s image signal processor.

New 24-inch iMac: Ports

The entry-level iMac has two Thunderbolt/USB 4 ports and a built-in 3.5mm headphone jack on the side. While higher-end models have two additional USB 3 ports. High-end models also have a Gigabit Ethernet port in the power supply, which costs $30 more than the base model. It’s doubtful we’ll have an HDMI or SDXC card niche like in the MacBook Pro and Mac Studio.

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