Home Run Derby 2023: Date, Time and Schedule

The 2023 Major League Baseball Home Run Derby is typically held on a Monday night at Seattle’s T-Mobile Park. At the head of the eight-man arena is Mets slacker Pete Alonso, a two-time Home Run Derby winner (2019 and 2021). Alonso is aiming to be inducted into the Ken Griffey Jr. Hall of Fame as the only three-time champion in Derby history.

This year’s roster also includes Randy Arozarena (Rays), Mookie Betts (Dodgers), Adonis Garcia (Rangers) and Vladimir Guerrero Jr.(blue ginger), Louis Robert Jr. (blue ground). (White Sox), Julio Rodriguez (Mariners) and Adley Chuchman (Orioles).

Here’s how to watch this year’s Home Run Derby.

2023 Home Run Derby

Where: T-Mobile Park, Seattle When: 8:00 p.m. ET;

Monday 10 July TV Channel:

ESPN Live Stream: fubo (Free Trial)highlights: CBS Sports HQ

What are the rules?

Home Run Derby 2023: Date, Time and Schedule
Home Run Derby 2023: Date, Time and Schedule

As for the rules, we have a group that follows the 3-round KO rules. Each participant has 3 minutes with a break of 45 seconds in the first two rounds. The final, lap lasts 2 minutes with a 45-second break. In the first round, the Chicago White Sox’s Louis Robert Jr. meets and then, Baltimore Orioles Adley Rutschman. Moreover, the winner meets fight winner Adonis Garcia vs. Texas Rangers vs. Tampa Bay Rays Randy Arozarena. New York Mets’ Pete Alonso meets Seattle Mariners’ Julio Rodriguez in round two. Finally, the winner meets winner Mookie Betts of the Los Angeles Dodgers against Vladimir Guerrero Jr. of the Toronto Blue Jays.

What is the time of the 2023 MLB?

For anyone wanting to watch the event, the 2023 Home Run Derby will take place on Monday 10th July. Home run derbies.

The contestants will be seeded in the first round based on home run totals for the July 4th season. The playoff duel between Robert and Alonso was a home run on June 15

  • 1Louis Robert Jrvs100% Free. If. 8 Adley Rutschman
  •  Pete Alonso vs. No. 7 Julio Rodriguez
  • Nr. 3 Mookie Betts Contre.Nr.6Wladimir Guerrero Jr.
  • n.Chr. 4 Adonis Garcia vs. #5 Randy Arozarena

The winner of game #1 vs. Le #8 meets the winner of #4 vs. Le #Number 5 in the second round and then, the winner of number 2 against number 7 meets the winner of number 7.3 vs #6. Cardinals fans might want to take a bathroom break during this #4 vs. #6. Duel No. 5. St. Louis traded García and Arozarena within three weeks of the start of the 2019–20 offseason.

Home Run Derby changes

Home Run Derby 2023: Date, Time and Schedule
Home Run Derby 2023: Date, Time and Schedule

Moreover, the Home Run Derby has seen several changes over the past several years that have led to the creation of the event. There’s no denying that the derby is showing its age. Here are the new rules:

  • The participants in the final, i.e. the third round, have two minutes.
  • Each player receives a 30-second bonus at the end of each regular period of play and can gain an additional 30 seconds by hitting at least a 440-foot home run.
  • Each player has one time-out of 45 seconds per regular period. No time-outs can be taken during the bonus period.
  • Moreover, any round that ends in a tie will be punctuated by a 60-second tee with no time out or bonus time. If there is still a tie, an additional three swing shots will be taken until the tie is broken.
  • The prize pool is $2.5 million. The home run derby champion gets $1 million.

About Home Run Derby

Finally, according to Caesars Sports book, Alonso is the favorite to win the elusive third title in the home run derby. Here are the full odds for Monday’s game:

  • Pete Alonso: +300
  • Vladimir Guerrero Jr.: +375
  • Louis Robert Jr.: +550
  • Adley Rutschman: +1400


Baseball fans can get ready for an evening of unmatched excitement, complete with towering home runs, thrilling competition, and priceless moments, as the Home Run Derby 2023 draws near. The time, date, and itinerary all point to a power hitting exhibition that will live on in the memory of supporters for many years to come. Whether you’re a casual fan or a devoted baseball enthusiast, don’t forget to tune in on [Insert Date] at [Insert Time] to see the spectacular home runs and thunderous swings that epitomize the Home Run Derby.

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